Running a Youtube Channel for Dropshiping Business

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This post is created with intention to show you what is best practice in Dropshipping Business. It is designed as a tool to see you through your deserved financial goal.
running a youtube channel

I am super excited to have you on this post. I want to simply explain how easy it is to make income dropshiping while running a youtube channel can be. 

Obviously, this is going to be in a straight-to-the-point dimension. I want to show you how to make extra income owning a Youtube channel.

There are several means of selling things online, one of which is actually taking advantage of the youtube channel. If you ask me, youtube channel is one of the best ways of promoting your business online

To run a dropshipping business, I always recommend creating a youtube channel to showcase products. According to recorded facts, vlog might likely dominate blog, if it doesn’t eventually replace it.

Starting a Youtube Channel is the simplest simpler than starting a blog. This is true because, you can create a youtube channel within fifteen minutes, with no investment. Creating a blog may take you a minimum of one hour to set up.

Why people watch Videos

People watch videos for several reasons. For entertainment, relaxation, learning something new, pursue hobbies and interest, progress in a task, stay up to date, on top of the trend, connect with people, communicate, give or get information on services and goods and more.

You can craft out your niche based on any of the above stated reasons and create a community of viewers to get your monetized videos, thereby making money from it.

Why Youtube?

One of the major reasons you must believe you can also make money while running a YouTube channel is that Youtube gets almost 5 billion video views per day which proves its power on the internet.

This may be accounted for, when we understand the basic reason why people watch videos, as stated above. The question should now take a fresh tune, thus. What strategy would I necessarily use to get a good chunk of the views per day to actually earn me a good sum.

See how PewDiePie’s YouTube Channel has earned 12 million dollars in 2017. This is the world’s highest paid Youtube Star in 2017. This could be you, if you believe and begin your business now. You too can see such success if you capitalize on the opportunity that YouTube provides us currently.

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Who can do this?

People who love to create videos

I would never have believed there could be anyone who would ever fear being viewed, or stared at. It is a phobia called ‘Scobophobia’. But when business calls, trust me, we all learn to face the reality, after all, it is for the passion and of course, benefit is the money. Who doesn’t want to make some money with the high rate of daily growing bills. Would you imagine how just for the love of videos, you could make some money for your upkeep? Think about it.

People who like to talk about a video

Do you like to talk about a video? Then you can do this too. There are people who love to create videos and there are others who simply like to talk or give reviews about a video. You can simply create a channel to offer reviews.

People who shoot documentaries or short films.

Making documentaries is one of the most rewarding endeavours. It is also challenging but it is something you can venture into, if you love documentaries or short films. Running a Youtube Channel may require some level of patience and assiduity.

How to Create a Youtube Channel

The first thing you’ll need to do is actually create your business channel, and YouTube makes it incredibly easy to do. With just a couple of clicks, you’ll be ready to dive into setting up your new channel.

You can create a video using using software tools or record a video using your mobile phone or camcorder.

running a youtube channel

Creating your Channel, you would want to go to Youtube, follow the process below to complete

  • Sign into YouTube and click on the user icon at the top right of the screen. You would need a Gmail Account to create a Youtube account.
  • Click on the gear icon to get to your account’s YouTube Settings
  • Click on Create a new channel
  • Then choose “Use a business or other name”
  • Add your Brand name and click create

Steps to Owning a Paying Youtube Channel

1. Running a YouTube channel, you create your business around a specific niche such as Health, Sport, Games, Tutorial, Recipe, etc. Don’t just go out create any random unrelated videos channel.

For example, if you love phones, you can create a phone reviews channel where you review latest phones and help people to decide whether it’s a right choice for them. This may require you to have tested and trusted such a product before creating a review while running a Youtube Channel.

2. Afterward, select a niche in which you are really interested. Check other videos related to your topic, see how many views those videos get. As stated earlier, you would need to determine a specific niche for your business, and this will be what you are known for. It will help you to get details of how many people are interested in your niche.

3. Generally, in running a Youtube Channel, the higher the views more beneficial the niche is. It shows that more people are searching for it. Keyword research is paramount here. So dig it out and use it to your success.

4. Check out if there’s any concept missing in the currently existing videos related to your niche. You can apply these concepts in your videos to fetch more views. For example, others with same interests may leave behind a loop, you take advantage of the loop and make your concept unique with the difference.

Spy on your competitors and try to model the things that are working for them. But never try to copy them, always maintain your uniqueness.

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5. Give your best to engage with your audience. You want to study the comments you get on your videos, learn the hidden expectations that your audience has from you. This way you will build a community of interested and passionate following.

6. Try to find out what they like about your videos and what they don’t. Study which videos get the highest retention rate and find the reasons behind them.

7. Make Improvement on each new video from the last one. When you look back at your first videos after few years, you should think how bad I was earlier. That’s a good sign; it shows that you’ve improved.

8. Test, test, and test. Never fear to try something new and see how it works. Testing is the only way where you can find new and exciting stuff which can push you ahead of your competitors.

9. Finally, try to collaborate with other YouTubers who are doing similar work. Learn their tactics and mindset. Working together can do wonders for your channel.

10. Have fun. Do the things that you love and enjoy your life.

How to make Money from Running Your Youtube Channel

The general rule for monetization in YouTube is straightforward. The more views your videos get, the more money you’ll earn. You’ll have to enable the monetize option in running a youTube channel settings. It’s very simple.

Hope it is helpful for those that want to learn new thing and make money online.

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