What is Dropshipping, and Who is a Dropshipper? 3 Awesome Facts!

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This post is created with intention to show you what is best practice in Dropshipping Business. It is designed as a tool to see you through your deserved financial goal.
who is a dropshipper

Want to know what is dropshipping and who is a dropshipper?

In this post, I will try to give answers to the above question as much as possible. Stick to this page to the end, and feel free to submit your questions and comments using the comment box, at your disposal.


Searching for a lucrative business is not an easy task!

In fact, for most people, it takes so long a time to determine what is best to venture into.

For those who were quick to find out about the dropshipping business model, it has been a sweet slope for them, based on records.

At the end of this article, you are expected to get acquainted with the real ideas of what dropshipping is and who a dropshipper is. You can also use this to discover a great way to start building your online career in the dropshipping business model of the eCommerce arena which could help you reach the new heights.

I will also do a breakdown of the basic requirement for a successful dropshipping business.

You will learn how to find reliable suppliers, otherwise known as dropshippers.

Bear in mind, without reliable suppliers, your business may suffer a setback in no distance time, so there is a need to pay attention to this post.

So, let’s dive in!

What is dropshipping, and who is a dropshipper?

Dropshipping is simply all about selling other people’s products using an available platform or creating your own platform. Making money through this business model is nothing to joke with.

It is an awesome business with values you cannot undermine.

In short, let it be cleared that dropshipping is one of the fastest ways to make easy, risk-free income. This is as far as gathered from experience over time.

When a company stocks items and sends them directly to your customers, it is referred to as dropshipping. The company that engages in stocking these items is the dropshipper. Another way to describe dropshipper is simply ‘supplier’.

what is dropshipping

The Other eCommerce Approach: Keeping Stocks!

Usually, when you open an online store, you want to purchase stocks and store them, after which you promote your products and handle all logistics including shipping.

What is Dropshipping
Keeping stocks

This model requires that you take to the importation of goods, rent a space for stock purpose, and probably employ some hands to take charge of the logistics or delivery jobs.

You usually ship these items to your customers, regardless of location, all by yourself. In this case, you’re likely to ensure you purchased your stock in advance from the suppliers.

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What goes right with dropshipping!

Dropshipping lets you skip the above step (keeping or storing stocks or buying stocks in advance).


So in this case, when a customer (your customer) checks out or buys an item from your online store, you contact the dropshipping company (otherwise known as a dropshipper or the supplier) and purchase the item from them. They will then send the item directly to your customer.

You won’t want to waste quality times embarking on risky sides where most of your time should be centered on promoting your store, and generating consistent sales and amassing profits on autopilot.

Building enough trust is however essential.

The credibility of your store is one good reason why your customers return to your store to get more items. This removes the risk of buying and selling online.

What goes wrong with Dropshipping.

Dropshipping, however awesome as every other businesses, has various challenges to look into. Another way to look at this considering some factors that generate fear and concerns. They are as follows.

what is dropshipping
  • Item Out of Stock: When the stocks are no more available at the time of the request.
  • Delay With Order Processing: Usually lags for between 7 days and over 50 days, depending on location and product availability
  • The wrong Item Sent to Customer: Fear of receiving the wrong item at the end of the day.
  • Wrong Quantity Shipped: When the customer receives the wrong quantity paid for. It could be more and could be less.
  • You Were Billed Wrong.
  • The Shipment Went to a Wrong Address / Orders Got Confused.
  • Item Arrived Damaged.
  • Tracking code mismatch or loss.

Every business has got some shortfalls and solutions are preferred to help solve them, using effective customer service operation.

So, due to the above shortfalls, it is recommended to patronize trustworthy companies like Salehoo, Alidropship, CJDropshipping, and others to be updated on this site later.


How do I make money from this?

This is obviously the best part of this post, as it explains how to make money from selling other people’s products without storing them or keeping stocks, or breaking the bank.

Among the various online business of selling other people’s products such as Affiliate Marketing, dropshipping turns out to be the easiest form of business to start without huge capitals.


It has also proven to be the most profitable model adopted by giant online marketplaces such as Jumia Groups, Konga, etc.

Opening an Online Store to Sell Items

1 – On eBay or Amazon

Some of the popular places to open an online store are eBay & Amazon. These giant marketplaces allow you to sell items you can dropship.

As earlier explained, you dropship by uploading or importing some products to your store(s). Usually, you’ll want to upload products of the best values, the ones that are capable of solving other people’s immediate or most pressing emotional needs.

The marketplaces mentioned earlier (eBay & Amazon) already have great campaign advantages that helps promote your products to potential buyers. When you have sales requests from buyers, you place the orders (with your customers’ details), while the supplier does the dispatch of the purchased goods to them.

NB: EBay and Amazon charge a fee to open an online store.

Amazon’s Professional Selling Plan is $39.99 per month, their Individual Selling Plan does not require a subscription fee. (this is as at the time of writing this post). See the full details here.

For details about eBay fees for their Selling Plan, check-in here.

2 – Make your own Online Store

Creating an online store to sell items on eBay has never been so easy! However, there are reliable companies that have broken the jinx, making it possible for sellers to earn as much as could equate with efforts on appropriate measures. One such company is Salehoo.

NB: This is for you, if you want to sell on eBay. Grab it NOW!

You can make your own online store leveraging on an easy to do advantage by creating one with SaleHoo Stores. This way, you won’t have to pay eBay fees.

Can you use any alternatively Self-created Online Store?

Yes, but this requires you to go through the hard hurdle of creating an online store from start to finish. You would also be responsible for running viral promotions/advertisements to your store, to gain sales. However, the same process of moving the items to customers applies.

Based on popular reviews, Alidropship offers a whole lot of opportunities to make your store from start to finish.

You can build the store by yourself using the simple procedures for creating online stores and install the Alidropship Plugin. It comes with lifetime ownership, for just $89.

Alidropship also offers custom store creation. With this option, a store can be created for you from start to launch, including some promotional strategies to go with. This usually comes with a relief that cost at least $299 to set up your store and start selling immediately.

However, this basically makes do with products from aliexpress.com or other alternatives at your disposal.

Do you need help setting up a store online?

I can also set up a store for you at a very comfortable price. Giving it a try won’t fail you.

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Is that awesome? Share your views with me on any of my social media handles, or use the comment box below.

Mark-up the prices to make a profit

According to wikipedia.com, Markup is the ratio between the cost of a good or service and its selling price. It is expressed as a percentage over the cost. A markup is added to the total cost incurred by the producer of a good or service in order to cover the costs of doing business and create a profit.

The markup percentage is the percentage increase in the cost price, usually by 10 – 50%).

The markup prices can be twisted to your desired amount based on what covers for other expenses including your profits.

How do I find dropshippers?

China harbors quite a lot of dropshippers, and a whole lot that can’t be trusted. However unfortunate as this is, only a few may be trusted using track records of their past business activities and reviews/comments.

The fake dropshippers/suppliers will take your money and not deliver the items. Worse of it still, they may send you items that are illegal, less quality or fake ones.

We recommend Salehoo because they have the easiest mechanism set in place to help take care of this challenge. It is the easiest way to find reliable suppliers.

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What SaleHoo is?

Salehoo is an online directory that has over 8,000+ dropshippers, wholesalers and liquidators. With Salehoo, you can be sure to be dealing with verified suppliers, trustworthy enough to satisfy your online business needs, without issues.



If you are looking at going into business with a low budget, dropshipping is the go-to model. We have recounted lots of testimonies from others like you who have broken through and are making real money by selling other people’s products.

Above all said, I recommend Salehoo for easy travel through this journey. Feel free to ask questions using the comment box below.

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