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This post is created with intention to show you what is best practice in Dropshipping Business. It is designed as a tool to see you through your deserved financial goal.
Blog and Vlog

With reference to my earlier post on differences and similarities between blog and website, from which you might have been referred, I wish to give a brief breakdown to my readers, what should be known about Vlog and Blog.

Well let’s hop in.


Blogging has been greatly emphasized in an earlier post, however, I would like to, for the sake of the subject matter, exercise more emphasis for better connection. This is going to be short, no cause for alarm, buddy.

Straight to the point.

Blogging is pure text based. It also contain pictures, most likely descriptive images, showing more or deeper messages around a text post. In blogging, everything is posted and explained in text, just as we have here on this post. For example, this is a blog post.

On the other hand, Vlog is video blog (the ‘V’ denotes Video). When video is used to explain the content of a blog (sometimes with text), it is referred as a video blog (in other words, a Vlog).

In emphasis, “Vlog” is a term which originally comes from blog. With youtube, people who are more interested in viewing actions than merely reading texts to vlogs.  Since Vlog is not a full text base post, it requires creating a Youtube Channel (obviously, with a gmail ID).

For example people create youtube channels where they upload documentary videos, lessons about cooking, gadgets, web development, educational videos, and very many to mention but a few.


Just like blogging, you can earn some income from Vlogging. This is possible through monetization of your youtube channel. With Google Adsense account linked to your youtube channel, coupled with great following and subscribers, you can earn a living from running a Vlog. However, this works best when you run unique contents, that is, contents originally created by your own singular efforts or efforts of your team members.

Another rule to not flaunt is abstinence from clicking on ads that appears on your youtube channel, by yourself. Google Adsense could disable your account forever, consequently, you will not earn

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Both medium are good ways to sell anything online



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