How to Handle Abandoned Cart like a Pro

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This post is created with intention to show you what is best practice in Dropshipping Business. It is designed as a tool to see you through your deserved financial goal.

Over time, I have experienced cases of Abandoned Cart, which can be problematic some times. The need to master how to handle abandoned cart like a pro came next in line of thought. In this post, I’ll be sharing with you what goes wrong when you have an abandoned cart, the implication it has on your store, and how I’ve been handling abandoned carts on my dropshipping store.

Having understood why selling only is a brilliant idea if you really want to make money with ease, you would not want to waste time digging deep to know why handling abandoned cart is an essential factor for eCommerce success.

As a newbie in dropshipping business, you might just have completed your new online store built with wordpress. You have also launched your first product, run your first Facebook or Google advertisement. Perhaps have also paid social media influencers to run some campaigns for you. Now, sales have begun to come in, of course as expected. 

You are excited. 

It is normal to experience such a feeling. I almost had a party on my first set of sales. 

I didn’t! 

The next move would be to fulfil the orders as fast as possible. In fulfilling orders, it is imperative to know this, it is not all purchase intent effort that may lead to a successful transaction.

So, to handle an abandoned cart like a pro, you might want to start by ensuring due adequacy. 

By the end of this post, you would be able to take an abandoned cart case more serious than you might have ever.

Avoid it or Expect it joyfully?

I see this a lot. Some buyers may want to survey other stores for comparison. While some might just want to return when they have enough cash to pay for the item. A lot of others may only have forgotten they had moved to cart an item of initial interest by either intentional or error. 

All of these, however disturbing, should not be a problem because it is obvious. Not everyone who visits your store leaves satisfactorily.

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What is an Abandoned Cart? 

An abandoned cart or abandoned purchase is an incomplete purchase. This occurs when a potential customer starts a checkout process for an online order but drops out of the process before completing the purchase. 

The case of cart abandonment is not new to selling online due to factors like competition, store-trust, or other simpler issues like store designs and so on. 

What’s your own view? Does it leave a positive effect on your store? No? or yea?

Even though it may reveal that a visitor just left. Our DropshipViews on this is crystal clear fact that when there is an abandoned cart, it doesn’t mean there might not be abundant sales from the same potential buyer

Why you need to recapture visiting customer

This is going to be straight. 

Your online store is built for profit-making and one most crucial aspect of your business is conversion. So, a store without consistent sales conversion might soon close down. 

Now, every single visitor to your site is a potential permanent buyer, who might be buying any other day, if not right away.

This is basically what keeps your store active. Making a profit from sales depends most often on the interest of visiting customers. 

That is especially in what you have in stock, speaking of the price of items, quality, and maybe shipping cost. Hence, a need to do everything possible to have them return back to your store. 

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How to get your customers back to your store

To get your customers back to your store, this requires certain levels of arrangements. Even a perfectly designed store may not keep them coming back if you do not put in place strategies to retarget them

Picture this. 

Someone works into your physical store (we go traditional here) and does window-shopping. Soon she finds beautiful stuff, picks a cart and drops them in. But sooner than expected, left the store without completing the purchase.

No crime! Or is there? 

The abandoned items are still yours, but how do you find this situation?

Interesting? Saddening? Obviously not a good one, right? ? Yes, absolutely! 

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Competitors are about to snatch a prospective customer from you. And you have to fight to get her back to pay for her desired items and keep coming for more. You want to remind her about the incomplete shopping. 

Great customer service could have settled this without much ado, maybe!? Question is, this is an online store, how do you recapture them?

Obviously, we are not talking about the traditional store right now. You won’t have to scream out their names to get them back. You may not have enough technical know-how to track their IP manually, but there’s something!

There are strategies to adopt, such that’d get your visitors paying for all their carts. 

a. Capture their details beforehand

Offering a free service or product has been of an immense solution to my business. It is a strategy you don’t want to toy with.

Get this right. 

‘FREE’ is a magnetic word for quick conversion. Offering some bonuses or a near no-cost per item might get your visitors to pay for other items abandoned.

how to handle abandoned cart like a pro

This is where the power of email marketing comes into play. It serves as a tool for announcing a reminder, information, latest news updates, bonuses, discounts and what have you. 

We compiled a simple write-up that guides on the importance of email marketing to online businesses. This approach is responsible for our growth. They are simple enough to guide you through the process and expand your business as well. 

b. Install Facebook Retargeting Pixel

Facebook retargeting pixel is a remarketing tool for data collection. It is a code that you place on your website to collect data that helps you track conversions from Facebook ads, optimize ads, build targeted audiences for future ads, and remarket to people who have already taken some kind of action on your website.

It is a very important tool to use to get your visitors back to complete an action they had already started on your website. Such actions like rechecking the products they already seen or probably showing them those products so they remember they had left without taking action.

Installing this tool is not rocket science as you can do this, following a simple guide in a free resource material I have already put together for you. 

The strategy I adopted from inception is from a simple guide of a prolific writer is still very potent. 

Moreover, it is absolutely free

c. Offer a Bonus and Discount

Have you noticed that discounts have a way of putting smiles on your face? The same applies to others. Very many people comb the internet for either absolutely free products as well as discounts and bonuses, in order to save more money for themselves.

Also, bonuses and discounts could have been positioned beforehand in order to keep your store visitor’s attention on bringing out her card for payment. 


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