About DropshipViews

DropshipViews comes with a positive intent to lead out of the hole that promotes 9 – 5 jobs. 

This blog was created with you in mind, considering the rate of poverty and other negative impact of joblessness in our environments. 

I share valuable information as they relates to dropshipping, affiliate marketing or any idea that has a spice or spark of dropship-intents. 

This is especially with a view to providing solutions to common problems faced by internet marketers, especially the ones involved in retailing business (dropshipping or mini-importation – buying and retailing).

The ideas shared on this platform are capable of turning lives around just the way it has done (and still doing) with me. 

The Face behind DropshipViews: Samuel Edet

Some Values to Expect

Learn Email Marketing

The email marketing business has grown to a section of business line every business can not but take advantage of. You can learn this with me.

Online Consultation

I do online consultation to help small scale businesses build healthy feathers to fly with. Over time, this has help over 200 online friends, and still growing.

Direct Support

If there is one thing to take advantage of, my list growth has been based on one factor; Direct Supports! What else can I do to guide you through?

Wordwide Coverage

Aiming towards worldwide coverage is a dream strongly held on to. This is a stronger aspiration than I am, but this I work on daily basis to achieve.

Social Media Ads

As an expert in Facebook Social Media Advertisement, there are a lot to learn from this platform as I build it daily with resources simple enough to bite along.

Online Store Creation

I can create an online store for your dropshipping or ecommerce business from scratch to a point you can handle without a web developer. Please, Get in Touch.

What Clients think About Me

With DropshipViews, my company BOSMAT has gained immense supports in the aspect of our online branding. Our business began with effect from the moment we adopted DV patterns.
Pheexe Projects retrieved it's idea to showcase her online business to the world only after adopting the DV Patterns, a simple method for telling the world what you have to offer.
You identify a partner when you see values, even from a distance far. This is what we behold about the Team at DropshipViews. Resilience to change and value promoter for various companies

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